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Educating children about cancer

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  • Educating children about cancer

    Too often parents try to keep their children ignorant when it comes to the 'C' word. But ignorance is not bliss, especially for a child who may be impacted by cancer and has lots of burning questions. I don't know about you but when I was a child and my cousin was diagnosed with cancer, not knowing what was going on was terrifying! I wish someone had sat me down and examined to me what she was going through. I understand my family thought they were protecting me, and I think they were scared themselves. But not speaking about it doesnt make it go away.

    I wrote a book called 'Doctor what is cancer?' It is a children's book that helps explain to kids what cancer is. And it is a book for parents in the sense that the burden of trying to explain the concept in a way that kids can understand is taken off of their shoulders. If you get a chance, visit my website: I have other resources and a free online copy of my book. I want to help!