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  • Involving your sibling

    Does anyone have any tips on how to involve your sibling so they don't feel left out?

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    ALSF has a program called SuperSibs- the Comfort and Care aspect of the program sends age appropriate packets, books, postcards and birthday cards to sibs ages 4 to 18. It is a two year program dedicated to supporting sibs by giving them tools to help with the changes they are experiencing in their family. They can also read about other Sibs and share their story on the SuperSibs Stories section of the website. If they are interested in getting more involved there is a Sibling Ambassador program where they can sign up to speak to schools and events in their area. All the info can be found on (links to each of the program aspects and how to sign up are on the right-hand toolbar). Hope that helps!


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      For those of you with siblings who have cancer. Other than helping with funds or services, what is something that you would like to see be done for you or that would help you cope with what you and your family are going through. A place to ask questions? An opportunity to receive letters of support and positive wishes? What would be helpful?


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        As a supersib, I always enjoyed when my parents would take me out for ice cream when things calmed down. Little hangouts with just a supersib help them feel like they haven't been forgotten about.


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          we bring him to our clinic visits and he gets to have fun with child life along with us while max gets treatment. I also make special one on one time with him.